Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Kitten Project!

So on my blog i've hopefully established the point that i love animals!Well we have two burmese kittens on the way both girls,both still able to have kittens of their own when they are a bit older and unbeliveably gorgeous like all of our cats.The girls are from the very same litter so that they have already bonded together for the trip up here to nsw.There coming from S.A. australia from a lady called Rose Preston who breeds high quality kittens and the bonus is that weve know her for a long time so we are getting them for $350 instead of $400.One of the girls is a chocolate and the other a blue girl.They are both big smoochers and love attention!

:D emmy


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  2. I love your kitties! They are so, you know, CUTE!

  3. um hi sorry for the inconvienience but i forgot my password and such so i made a new page all new talk on the kittens thx 4 the comment julie so this page will always be the same now and sorry i havent been on for a long while got all caught up in xmas and birthdays and new year!hard work it is