Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Kitten Project!

So on my blog i've hopefully established the point that i love animals!Well we have two burmese kittens on the way both girls,both still able to have kittens of their own when they are a bit older and unbeliveably gorgeous like all of our cats.The girls are from the very same litter so that they have already bonded together for the trip up here to nsw.There coming from S.A. australia from a lady called Rose Preston who breeds high quality kittens and the bonus is that weve know her for a long time so we are getting them for $350 instead of $400.One of the girls is a chocolate and the other a blue girl.They are both big smoochers and love attention!

:D emmy

A Crafty and Cheap Book


One day sometime in October i happened to be wafting around Spotlight which is a Craft warehouse basically, anyway in my head i was just thinking through some craft ideas and i thought what if.....generally those take a while in my head:D!.....i made like my own scrapbook full of photos and some info about my interests and times in my life!Ding!finally a good idea so often my ideas aren't the best in the world anyway on with the post!Continuing my walk through spotlight i found a medium to large wooden book with straw binding perfect for painting if i may say so myself only 6 or 7 $$$ BUYER !So on.I also found a big letter E for Emmy to put on the front, pack of 10 paper pears,10 paper leaves,cardboard sticky-ony things, two packets of stickers,pack of 10 googly eyes,a wooden frog to paint,more paint and some paper!All of this stuff would normally be about $20-$30 but there happened to be a 20% of everything sale on that day & we used a VIP card(we'd have spotlight withdrawals without the discounts!)

  1. paint the front of the wooden book(two colours look best different binding colour look good

  2. paint the large letter for your book

  3. use craft glue to place the letter on the book when paint is dry

  4. paint on the rest of the name

  5. get a large photo to glue to front of the book

  6. wait for that to dry before opening book

  7. when your ready to start the insides of your scrapbook think carefully about placing and text

  8. enjoy creating your scrapbook and view often!